Jura x8 vs. s8 Automatic Coffee Machines

In the debate of Jura S8 vs X8, I have found one machine to be faultier than advertised. But if you want a short answer to which is the better espresso maker, the Jura S8 super automatic coffee machine is the winner.

Jura S8 has a stable brewing operation that delivers nuanced and aromatic coffee cups after cups. It boasts of a consistent milk frothing system that can make airy and dry microfoam for lattes, macchiatos, or cappuccinos. The price also is reasonable for its quality. I recommend this machine for singles and couples.

The Jura X8 has a giant water tank that should be ideal for a large family. This device can brew full-bodied and robust coffee while frothing microfoam. But, the operation isn´t consistent, and I have found some major minus points. Find out for more details below.

Jura x8 vs. s8

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Jura S8 vs X8: Differences

Jura S8 wins 3:1 facing Jura X8. The coffee flavor is better, and the operation is much more stable. Depending on the recipes, you can trust the former model to froth creamy or dry milk foam without witnessing mediocre results. It´s a very well-rounded espresso machine.

Coffee Flavor: Jura S8

When it comes to the grinders, I applause both machines. They share the same grinder technology: Aroma G3, which means they have the same 6 settings mechanism.

I have used both models countless times since I got them 2 months ago, and the grinders have been running smoothly without producing loud noise. Jams don´t seem to be a problem because I haven´t experienced it once. It will take me more time to declare with confidence that S8 and Jura X8 don´t jam. But, so far so good.

With the same 5-16g automatic dosing and tamping, we can expect these models to deliver more or less the same coffee flavor. And it´s true. S8 and X8 brew almost the same types of coffee with the same notes of flavor. But, I still notice that S8 offers a smoother texture with a sweeter tinge. It´s very subtle, but you can tell that it´s there.

Also, the crema layers on S8´s espressos are to die for, and I firmly believe that adequate and consistent tamping plays a huge part in. Compared to X8, which can also make good crema, the Jura S8 is on another level. The layers are thick, nutty, creamy, and have a good mouthfeel. That´s what we should expect from an impressive espresso machine.

The Jura S8 uses 1 Thermoblock while the Jura X8 uses 2. But, I find their performance similar in terms of coffee temperature. And the heat-up time takes around 5-10 minutes if you want a hot cup of coffee. Both Jura S8 and Jura X8 can brew hot drinks. For me, this aspect is crucial if you want to enjoy your cup with patience. That´s what I have gotten so far with these babies.

Utilities: Jura X8

The Jura X8 has more convenient features than the Jura S8, which includes a larger beverages variety and a bigger water tank. Jura X8 boasts of a special one-touch that allows the machine to brew a pot of coffee. If you drink a lot of coffee daily and don´t want to stand up frequently to get your coffee, this feature helps.

As for the water tank size, Jura X8 is equipped with a 101oz, while the Jura S8 uses a 63.6oz one. Refilling X8 will definitely be less frequent.

But, I still want to highlight that the S8 has 15 one-touch beverages, which is impressive, and it has a suitable water tank for single users or couples. It operates with higher stability also. So you have to consider carefully before you spend that dough.

Milk System: Jura S8

In coffee machines at the 2000-3000 dollar price range, we expect them to froth microfoam milk automatically and consistently. But, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case since some machines aren’t as stable as they should be according to the advertisements.

The Jura S8 has the most flawless milk system that I have ever seen and it does its price justice. The milk system works smoothly, and it can froth dry and airy foam for cappuccinos, and macchiatos. The system switches from steamed milk to milk foam like a piece of cake. Overall, I really enjoy the milk texture that this model can deliver.

As for the Jura X8, it’s been quite sad for me to see the milk system break down from time to time. This model can deliver the same milk texture as the Jura S8, but it lacks consistency. The milk frothing step usually is faulty, and it gives me water mixed with milk, not steamed milk or milk foam. So I’m not impressed with what I get so far.

Cleaning & Maintain: Tie

Cleaning is not a difficult task with the Jura S8 and X8 since they have an auto-purge system that rinses the dispensers with hot water when the machines start-up or shut off. This feature allows users to keep the brewing path clean and mold-free.

You don’t have to calculate when to clean them either. On their screens, the machines tell you when it’s time to clean the devices. Follow the instructions, and it should be fine.

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Jura S8 vs. X8: Similarities

Here are some basic similarities between the Jura S8 and Jura X8 automatic coffee machines.

Automatic Water Filter Recognition

Jura has developed a technology that allows its machines to detect CLEARYL Smart water filters automatically. You won’t have to set up the filters or anything. The machines put them to work without requiring a hectic setup.

Side Water Tank

With side water tanks, it’s very convenient to refill both the Jura S8 and X8. We don’t have to remove them to refill, and the machines don’t require much space as back-loaded espresso makers.

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We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

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