Jura E8 vs. WE8 Automatic Coffee Machines

For a great value for money, between the Jura E8 and WE8, E8 is a brilliant choice. It offers programmable drinks, easy to use control panel, and quick and efficient milk frothing system. The Jura WE8, on the other hand, allows more premium-rich barista features with a higher coffee output benefit for larger groups of coffee drinkers.

The only drawback to using the Jura WE8 is that it might appear a bit bulky to the home brewer, especially if you’re drinking espresso yourself. The WE8 has an extra-large water tank which is designed for going through more than multiple cups of espresso daily.

Jura E8 vs. WE8

The Jura E8 is more beginner-friendly with intricate adjustable features for espresso and milk. It has the perfect capacity for 1-2 people. It’s portable, lightweight, and compact for daily use. And it comes with a burr grinder and milk frothing system to make as many as 17 different types of espresso drinks at the touch of a button.

It’s a resounding tie between the Jura E8 vs WE8 (3 – 3). Both offer amazing benefits to the user. While the Jura WE8 is more commercial-grade built for more than one person. The Jura E8 is more home-friendly ideal for solo drinkers.

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1. Taste Of Coffee

The Winner: Jura WE8

Coffee Grinder

Since the Jura WE8 is more a commercial espresso maker for intense use, it has the latest coffee grinder, which is the Steel Conical Burr Grinder Aroma G3. While the Jura E8 features a less updated grinder, the Aroma grinder.

This means the Jura WE8 is more efficient than E8. The Jura E8 is noisier as well which does take something away from the E8.

If you’re looking for high-performance blades that don’t overheat when grinding the beans, even after cup after cup of brewing, the Jura WE8 is a more durable choice to go for.

2. Dose Control

The Winner: Jura E8

Coffee Specialties

The Jura E8 lets you brew a wider variety of coffee drinks at the touch of a button. The WE8 does too but not as many drinks as the Jura E8.

Here’s what the Jura E8 offers that the WE8 doesn’t. Espresso doppio, Special coffee, Macchiato, a portion of hot milk, and a portion of milk foam. The rest of it – cappuccino, ristretto, espresso, coffee, flat white, latte macchiato, portion milk, and hot water – the WE8 and E8 have.

So it’s fair to say that the One-Touch capability of the Jura E8 is a lot more advanced than the WE8.

Adjustable Coffee Settings

The Jura E8 features 10 coffee strength levels, 3 brewing temperature levels, and a double-brewing capability. The WE8 features 8 strength levels and 2 brewing temperature levels. It does have 1-2 cups of espresso brewing with its double spout.

While this may not be a major difference, it is something to think about considering the Jura WE8 is more expensive than the Jura E8 but with slightly fewer customizable features.

3. Milk System

The Winner: Jura E8

The Jura E8 features the more advanced Fine Foam Frother G2 while the Jura WE8 features the Fine Foam Frother, a slightly less advanced, more basic milk system for home use.

The Fine Foam Frother G2 is a high-performance milk system that can froth milk at the touch of a button. This means that you can adjust the texture of the milk according to the drink you want to drink. In fact, the Fine Foam Frother G2 automatically adjusts the milk to match the coffee option you’ve selected via Jura E8’s control panel.

The Jura E8 also features an automatic milk rinse that cleans the milk system after every use. The cleaning itself is very fast, efficient, and takes care of cleaning away any milk residue.

4. Cleaning & Maintenance

The Winner: Jura WE8

It’s important to mention that the Jura WE8 is designed as a commercial-grade espresso maker. This means it is equipped with advanced, speed-driven features for consistent use.

For starters, the maximum output range of the Jura WE8 is up to 30 espresso drinks daily. Now, you must be wondering that cleaning will be kind of a burden after 30 espresso drinks, right?

Well, the Jura WE8 features completely automatic cleaning programs to compete with the massive output feature. Despite its larger water capacity and bean hopper capacity, the machine will automatically descale, rinse, and clean the milk system, brew group, and boiler system. So you don’t have to set a reminder to do so, even after intense use.

This makes the Jura WE8 a step ahead of its game, especially when compared with the Jura E8, which comes with certain indicators for cleaning. The average marker for descaling a Jura machine is around 80 cycles. And the Jura E8 will alert you when to do so. But it does not automatically descale as the WE8 does.

Though both features integrated cleaning cycles with energy modes, shut-off timer, and intelligent pre-heating for optimal temperature.

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Jura E8 vs WE8: Similarities

1. By-Pass Doser

A by-pass doser makes it easier to use pre-ground coffee for decaf and a wider variety of blends on top of putting coffee beans in the bean hopper. And the Jura E8 and WE8 let you access both options at your convenience.

You can apply all the coffee customizations even after using the by-pass doser. This includes adjusting the coffee volume, strength, and temperature.

Both machines use PEP and Thermoblock to extract delicious and aromatic espresso even with pre-ground coffee and decaf.

2. Dual Spout / Twin Brewing

Dual spout espresso machines like the Jura E8 and the Jura WE8 let you brew 2 servings of espresso/coffee in a single brewing cycle. This makes the machine faster and ensures a strong, bold, and aromatic espresso without losing crema.

You can double the volume of espresso in both machines by selecting the 2x option that is available on both machines. Making it a perfect choice for solo drinkers who want double the intensity or want to make a larger coffee serving. And it’s the ideal choice for brewing coffee for 2 people, at the same time.

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