De’Longhi Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine Review

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is compact, neat, and convenient, and after choosing the flavor and size from a (slightly) mind-boggling array of multicolored pods, your coffee is ready at just two touches of a button. With such a streamlined product, you could forget you were making coffee in the first place, until you come to dispose of the pods themselves. We tested the Nespresso Vertuo Plus to see if it’s worthy of a place in our round up of the best coffee makers.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine...
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There are plenty of features that separate the Nespresso Vertuo Plus from its competition, but one of the biggest has to be the centrifusion brewing. At the start of the brewing process, the machine punctures a series of holes around the edge of the circular pod, before rapidly spinning it. In doing this, the Vertuo Plus not only achieves balance in its water dispersal, but also produces a rich crema that adds to the smoothness of the texture.

Beyond its brewing technique, the Vertuo Plus is also putting its smarts to making sure the temperature and speed are just right for your specific drink of choice as well. Each Vertuo pod has its own barcode, read by the machine at the start of brewing. While that does mean you can only use Nespresso’s own capsules, you can also guarantee that the best machine settings will also be applied.

There’s no built-in milk frother here, which may be a little disappointing considering the higher up front price tag. It’s worth mentioning the Vertuo Plus does feel a little restrictive in this regard.

Overall Design

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus offers an adjustable water tank that you can rotate depending on your counter setup. We found this feature very handy, as it allows you to customize the footprint and keep your water reservoir in easy reach. You can also adjust where the power cable comes out, and the cup support can be set for four different cup sizes.

There was one design aspect that we didn’t like: the used capsule container. This removable container is located at the back of the machine, so you’ll have to take the water tank off to empty it. This is inconvenient, though the magnet closure makes the process simpler.

How it Works

The VertuoPlus uses centrifugal force to process great coffees with excellent crema

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Unlike the majority of espresso capsule machines that use water pressure during the extraction process, this one uses both pressure and centrifugal forces that spin the capsule at up to 7,000 revs per minute. The result is a smooth albeit slightly foamy crema that’s almost as deep as the coffee. Indeed, if you add a splash of warm milk and stir, it’s like drinking a smooth cappuccino.

Rather cleverly, each recyclable foil-covered pod is equipped with a barcode that tailors the size of extraction. Hence, if you put in a small single espresso capsule, it’ll dispense just the right amount of black gold to fill a standard espresso cup. Conversely, if you slap in a larger Alto pod, it’ll extract a full mug’s worth. This make the system perfect for families with different coffee requirements.

Coffee Quality

If you’re an espresso lover but your spouse or roommate prefers regular coffee, this could be the coffee maker for you. Depending on which coffee pods you buy, you can brew five cup sizes. These are espresso (1.35 ounces), double espresso (2.7 ounces), Gran Lungo (5 ounces), coffee (7.7 ounces), and Alto (14 ounces). You can also add more water at the end of a brew cycle by pushing the button again.

When we tested the VertuoPlus, we found that the coffee was flavorful and aromatic and the espresso was topped with a beautiful crema. Though the machine is only compatible with Nespresso’s Vertuo pods, the wide range available left us with plenty of delicious options.


The Nespresso Vertuo Plus offers a dedicated cleaning cycle, which you can access by pushing the on button three times. This process takes a mere five minutes and cycles water through your machine three times.

Nespresso recommends using its brand of descaling solution, which is inexpensive but will add up over time.

Pros and Cons

Makes espresso beverages and coffee up to 17 oz
Solid internal construction means it won’t break down quickly

VertuoLine brewers use Centrifusion (rapid pod spinning) to generate extraction pressure
Crema is thicker but a little too foamy
Coffee isn’t as hot as OriginalLine machines
VertuoLine pods more expensive than OriginalLine pods
Pod-scanning system means no 3rd-party capsules

Final Words

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is a convenient and easy-to-use coffee machine that creates great-tasting coffees of all types and sizes, the main downside being that it also creates a large amount of waste that it’s not always simple to get rid of.

The downsides? If your space is very limited, this model may not be for you. It also doesn’t offer any milk-steaming accessories, and it’s only compatible with Nespresso’s fairly pricey VertuoLine coffee capsules. Finally, it’s not quite as durable as you may prefer.

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Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine...
Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine...
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