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The Bissell Aeroswift 1808C is a small, compact vacuum cleaner and is good for those with an apartment or small area to clean. This is also a very affordable unit and we’ve seen it available for under CDN$100. It includes an optional Febreze filter which helps eliminate odors and also leaves behind a fresh, clean smell after vacuuming. The size of the machine is both a pro and a con. It is lightweight and easy to carry but it also has a short hose/wand and the dust canister is quite small resulting in the need for frequent emptying. It also does not come with HEPA filtration.


– Lightweight
– Compact
– Reasonably priced
– Dust canister is very easy to empty
– Febreze filter leaves room smelling fresh
– Rinsable filters
– Designed for hard surfaces and carpet


– Small dust canister
– Hose and wand are a bit short
– Attachments stored on vacuum are easily knocked off
– No HEPA filtration

Probably the most common concern about this vacuum is its small dust canister. Owners report having to constantly empty the dust canister as it fills quickly. This is especially problematic for those with larger areas to clean – although one should consider that this is not a big machine so large area cleaning is not its forte.

There are also several comments that the vacuum has average to below-average suction. However it should be pointed out that an equal number of folks report that the vacuum has good suction. This discrepancy could be due to problems with the vacuum itself or, in some cases, the result of clogs or dirty filters. There are also a few extreme cases where vacuum suction has just stopped altogether.

The cleaning path width of the nozzle head is somewhat narrow. Some owners complain that it takes too many passes of the vacuum to clean an area. However some folks feel that the narrow cleaner head is an asset and allows the unit to easily get in and out of tight areas.

Some people feel the hose/wand cleaning reach is limited resulting in the need to stretch the hose as far as possible. Unfortunately the hose on the 1808C doesn’t stretch easily and when extended too far it often results in the vacuum tipping.

The vacuum power on/off and the handle release are both foot pedals on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. A few owners find that they sometimes get these mixed up and end up turning the vacuum off when trying release the handle – or vice versa. This is not a big issue however and most people don’t find this to be a significant problem.

On the plus side almost all owners report that the Bissell Aeroswift 1808C is lightweight and very maneuverable (nozzle head turns easily). It also has a small footprint, and is compact and easy to store. In addition, the small size allows the kids to help vacuuming – this point has been made by several people.

Owners have mostly positive things to say about the Febreze filter. It does indeed leave rooms smelling clean and fresh. Some even say that the house smells “amazing” after vacuuming.

In addition, there are a number of comments highlighting how well the Aeroswift picks up pet hair. However, while it works well on pet hair it does not come with a HEPA filter which would have been a nice feature for households with pets.

Details & Specifications

The Aeroswift is a bagless vacuum cleaner that uses cyclonic technology (the typical approach used by most bagless machines). This is a compact machine so most things about it are smallish and the dust canister is no exception.

The dust canister is exceptionally easy to remove, empty and reattach to the vacuum cleaner. A button on the canister opens the bottom of the canister allowing the dust and debris to fall away or be removed.

Bissell Aeroswift FIlter TrayTwo filters are provided with the Bissell Aeroswift: A yellow standard foam filter, and a black Febreze foam filter. You can choose which one to use. It fits into the filter tray beneath the dust canister (see image to right). Neither of these will provide HEPA level filtration however both are rinsable.

The Febreze filter is designed to eliminate odors and freshen the air as you vacuum, however continued use and rinsing will slowly decrease the filter’s freshening capabilities.

The Bissell 1808C Aeroswift weighs in at 5Kg. This is indeed quite light and it often helps with respect to maneuverability. You can compare this weight with that of other lightweight machines in our list of lightweight vacuum cleaners. Your typical upright is 7Kg or so (ballpark).

The vacuum has a motorized brushroll and is designed for both carpet and bare floors however the brushroll has no on/off controls. So if you are using the hose/wand you want to make sure the brushroll is not touching the carpet or it could do some damage.

To accommodate different surfaces and depth of carpet the vacuum comes with 5 height settings. The height is set via an adjustment knob located on the front top of the nozzle. The settings range from bare floors to high pile carpet. If the vacuum becomes difficult to push when cleaning carpet you should move the height setting towards high pile carpet – this will lift the nozzle higher.

Despite being a compact machine the power cord is a full 7 meter in length. This is a respectable length and even some larger machines don’t provide a 7 meter power cord. The stretch hose on the Aeroswift is 2,5 meters in length. This is enough for overhead cleaning and perhaps a short set of stairs.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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