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Wish you could sweep and mop at the same time? The Bissell 17857 Crosswave is a multi-surface floor cleaner designed to do just that (and clean area rugs too).

Bissell 17857 Crosswave All-in-One Review

This week we will be putting the Crosswave through the Modern Castle performance tests to determine how well this unit can perform as both a vacuum and mop.

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Bissell Crosswave | Bestseller


The Bissell Crosswave is a versatile wet dry vacuum that gives users the ability to vacuum, sweep, and mop at the same time. The Crosswave dominated our cleaning tests, removing nearly 100% of all dry and wet debris types. The only major con is it cannot be used on carpets, so it’s not a whole home cleaner. That said, for all hard surfaces and area rugs it provides exceptional cleaning performance. Highly recommended.


The Bissell 17857 Crosswave is designed with somewhat of a stick vacuum styling, with a few extra additions.

As a wet dry vacuum, the cleaning head of this unit contains a multi-surface brushroll that is able to help agitate dirt and debris, in addition to mopping hard floors or wash area rugs.

Several strands of cloth make up the brushroll. By using cloth, the brushroll is able to absorb the cleaning solution and water in order to properly clean the floors. Additionally, the cloth is soft enough to avoid scratching your more delicate floors.

Bissell 17857 Crosswave All-in-One Review
Bissell 17857

There are two separate tanks on this Bissell. One is used for the clean water and cleaning solution and the other is used to store the dirty water and debris that is sucked up by the unit.

On the clean water tank is two fill lines; one for small area messes and one for large messes. These lines are clearly marked to show how much water should be added, followed by how much cleaning solution should be added to the water.

By following the measurements provided on the tank, users are able to create the right amount of solution to clean the floors with, without wasting any water or cleaner.

The dirty water / debris tank is 0.4 L and can easily be removed from the unit. A small lip on the front of the tank acts as a handle, allowing the user to quickly release the tank from the Crosswave itself.


Along the handle of this Bissell are the cleaning mode knobs. The two buttons indicate the floor type the user is cleaning on; rug and hard floor. Once the Bissell Crosswave is turned on, the mode can be quickly changed by pressing one of these two buttons.

The trigger that supplies the water and cleaning solution to the brushroll is also located along the handle and can be squeezed once the unit is powered on.

Bissell 17857 Crosswave All-in-One Review
Bissell 17857

How Bissell Crosswave Cleans

The Bissell 17857 Crosswave cleans in a few different ways. Since this unit operates as both a mop and a vacuum, the way in which it cleans can vary.


First off, when used as a vacuum, the Crosswave works to sweep and suck through the suction path and brushroll. The brushroll will spin, sweeping dirt and debris into the suction path of the unit. From there, the suction power of the Crosswave works to lift the dirt and debris into the dust bin.

Bissell Crosswave multi-surface cleaning head

Next up, the Bissell Crosswave can be used to mop hard floor surface types, such as tile or hardwoods, in addition to washing area rugs. As the Crosswave is placed into hard floor mode, the brushroll will begin to spin.

Once this occurs, users can press the trigger on the inside of the handle, which will dispense the cleaning solution onto the brushroll.

Bissell Crosswave multi-surface cleaning head

Now that the solution has been dispensed onto the brushroll, it can be used as a mop. Yet, it is still going to suck like a vacuum as well. This combination allows users to clean messes that contain both dry and wet debris all in one.

For example, cereal and milk – the Bissell Crosswave will suck up the dry debris like a vacuum while also mopping up the liquid.

Area Rugs

If you are cleaning an area rug, the unit needs to be placed into “area rug” mode. This is completed by pressing the appropriate button on the handle of the unit. The area rug mode works in a similar fashion to the hard floor mode, except four times the amount of cleaning solution is dispensed. This process allows the brushroll to clean deeper.

Bissell does recommend that if a mess is extremely sticky on a hard floor surface, users should place the unit in area rug mode. The added amount of cleaning solution will help lift the sticky substance off of the floor.

Overall, there are a few different ways that the Bissell Crosswave cleans.

The Bissell Crosswave includes the following:

Multi-Surface Brushroll

The Bissell 17857 Crosswave includes a multi-surface brushroll. This brushroll includes medium firmness bristles, in addition to the softer fibers of the core brush. This makes it great for a variety of hard surfaces, in addition to area rugs.

Hardwood Floor Brushroll

Some versions of the Bissell Crosswave include the hardwood floor brush. This is similar to the multi-surface brush, except it does not include the medium firmness bristles. This brush is all soft fiber, which is better for polishing hardwood floors.

Area Rug Brushroll

Some versions of the Bissell Crosswave include the area rug brush. This brush is entirely made up of medium firmness bristles and does not have the core of soft fibers. The firmer bristles create better agitation, which will yield better cleaning performance for area rugs.

Bissell 17857 Crosswave All-in-One Review
Bissell 17857

Pet Brushroll

Some versions of the Bissell Crosswave include the pet brush. This brush is similar to the multi-surface brush, however, the firmer bristles sit below a softer bristles. This allows for agitation, but keeps the firmer bristles from grabbing onto longer hairs and becoming tangled. It works on both hard surfaces and area rugs.

Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution included with the Bissell Crosswave is designed for multiple floor surface types. This solution should be mixed with the water inside of the clean water tank. There are also specific cleaning solutions available for hardwood floors, area rugs, and pets.

Cleaning Tray

A cleaning tray is also included with the Bissell Crosswave. The unit can be placed on top of the tray with cleaning solution added to the front portion of the tray. Users are the able to turn the Crosswave on and clean the brushroll with this stationary cleaning tray.


The filter included with the Bissell Crosswave is washable, but does need to be replaced eventually. Users will be able to notice the deterioration of the filter over time, which should help to know when the part should be replaced.Although the Bissell Crosswave does not include a large number of extra parts or accessories, there are options to purchase more.

Bissell 17857 Crosswave All-in-One Review
Bissell 17857

Is the Bissell Crosswave Easy to Use?

The Bissell 17857 Crosswave is not a complicated unit to use, but it can be confusing to operate your first time. That said, Bissell does offer a user guide with clear instructions on how to operate / maintain the Crosswave.

First things first, there are two cleaning modes that determine how this Bissell should be used; hard floor and rug. These two modes are controlled by labeled buttons located on the handle of the unit.

To remove the brush, simply snap off the protective cover, and then pull the brush along the side “pull” hook.
Each of these modes can be used to vacuum or mop / wash your floors. If you decide to use the Bissell Crosswave as a vacuum, the only requirements are plugging in the unit and choosing a floor type. The rest of the work, aside from actually pushing the Crosswave, is controlled by the vacuum.


The Bissell Crosswave contains a swivel head, but this is not a highly maneuverable swivel head. The head is only able to turn ~25°.

The inability to turn could be an issue for some users, depending on the layout of your home. If you are only trying to mop or vacuum open spaces, the Crosswave’s maneuverability won’t be an issue.

Pros and Cons


Incredible cleaning performance on both hard surfaces and area rugs.
Surprisingly easy to use and maintain (annual costs not too high).


The Bissell 17857 Crosswave cannot be used on carpets, only areas rugs.
This Bissell struggles a bit with liquid when it is up against baseboards or walls.

Bissell 17857 Crosswave All-in-One Review
Bissell 17857

Does the Bissell Croswave clean well?

In a word, yes. The Bissell Crosswave is a powerful wet mop. In addition, it’s able to remove larger dry debris that you would normally need a vacuum or broom for. You can use Bissell’s cleaning solution or make your own to save money. It has enough suction and scrubbing power to remove stuck on debris.

Bissell 17857 Crosswave All-in-One Multi-Surface...
  • Two-tank system - keeps cleaning solution and dirty water separate to make sure you are always cleaning with...
  • Dual Action Brush Roll - Innovative microfiber and nylon brush scrubs and picks up dry debris at the same...
  • SmartClean Fingertip Controls - Fingertip controls allow you to easily switch between hard floor and area rug...

Final Words

The Bissell 17857 Crosswave is a multi-surface floor cleaner with a great level of versatility paired with strong performance. This specific Bissell is able to suck up dry debris while also mopping and cleaning up wet substances on your hard floors. Additionally, the push of a button allows you to wash you area rugs easily. All things considered, the Bissell Crosswave is a great option for users who want to sweep and mop in one pass.

Bissell Crosswave | Bestseller

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