Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet in 2020

The dirty little secret of the robot vacuum industry is that most robot vacuums don’t do very well on carpet. Hardwood floors? You’re all set. A flimsy little rug? Maybe, maybe not. Carpets? Your robot just jammed and is now blooping itself.

But there are a handful of robot vacuums out there that can clean your carpets. It’s now perfectly possible to get a highly intelligent robot vac that will deliver all the suction you need fort carpets along with outstanding filtration and finished results that will have you kicking yourself for not investing sooner.

Best Robot Vacuum for Carpets

The vast bulk of robotic vacuums today are self-charging so they’ll hustle back to the base station as soon as they need a boost. Runtime generally comes in around the 2-hour mark with the better models. This should give you more than enough leeway to get all the cleaning done even in a large house. If the robot needs a charge mid-flow, cleaning will resume exactly where it left off.

Now then, we’ll dive straight down into our cross-section of the most powerful robot vacs for cleaning carpet.

Budget Option

iRobot Roomba 675
The Roomba 675 is a budget robot with enough power and the right features to make most users happy. It’s virtually identical to the more expensive Roomba 690, with the only difference being the lack of a virtual wall. Cleaning performance, run time, features, and wifi connectivity are all the same, resulting in arguably the best budget robot vacuum on the market today.

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

Affordable Option

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum
The Roomba 960 is a high-tech robot vacuum designed to make vacuuming your home a hands-free chore. The cleaning technology and underlying software combines to create one of the most advanced robot vacuums available today. The Roomba 960 is a great choice if you want top-tier performance.

Roomba 960

Great Option

Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum
We’re often impressed with Roborock’s robot vacuum cleaners. These are feature-rich cleaning machines that don’t cost the earth – and the S4 is no different.

There are no mopping options with this bot, however, so it’s a pure vacuum cleaner and that’s it. But it does well at what it’s designed for, whether on carpet or hard floors. It’s also packed with features and plenty of customisation options within the app too.

Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For the money, the Roborock S4 is a real bargain. It’s a fantastic and intelligent cleaning machine to add to your home. If you’ve got a bit of extra cash then the S6 is an even more feature-packed alternative.

Best of the Best

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum
The iRobot Roomba i7+ is a great vacuum in many ways. There were some failed attempts in the past (Ecovacs and Samsung); now we can safely say that we have a robot vacuum that empties itself. We also have a robot that remembers the areas it has cleaned and uses the stored floor layouts to plan subsequent cleaning tasks. It makes this model of the Roomba one of the most autonomous robotic vacuums you can get. On top of that, it cleans efficiently, featuring a number of unique functionalities.

The vacuum sucks up dirt from any floor and does it so well. Using the robot’s smart mapping technology and enhanced processing power, you can even program it to clean different rooms on its own. In conclusion, it has almost everything one would want in a robot vacuum.

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